Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hi everyone!

In this blog I hope to create a diary of plants that are available and blooming in our back yard greenhouse and patio. Living on a rocky hot and dry slope, we found that regular gardening is a challenge so we stuck to pretty much lawn, rock landscaping, trees and shrubs and of course water gardening.

Our love of tropical plants stems from our home country in the tropics. We push the zones in our regular USDA zone 6a. Sometimes with success and sometimes failure but we never give up.

The greenhouse is our 3rd. We began with a small 8 x 10 which is now demolished. Then the 16 x 24 did not last long is now a potting shed. Finally the 26 x 30 is our epiphyllum and cactus GH, and a few tropicals are stored there over winter.

I hope that you will find this blog interesting and you will come back to visit often to see what is blooming in the GH.


Anonymous said...

Hey! Great blog idea! I'm also a cacti lover and have 15 hybrids of Epicacti. Will post pics of flowers on my blog. Hope you continue and show us Epi-addicts more pictures of your impressive collection!

Vérone said...

Belle Collection !

Anonymous said...

I envy you with all that wonderful world of cacti and plants you live with. LOL. I to love the world of plants and animals. I have Christmas, Easter and thanksgiving cacti, eppies, Hoya's, stapelia (Zulu Giant) and an unknown cactus plus a few others. Some day maybe we could exchange pictures, never know what the world can do. Do not ever stop.

Agnes said...

Hi, nice idea for creating such a blog. I just love flowers keep updating your blogs. Now a days outdoor living has become a part of our life.